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Notice: Please read this before contacting me.

I am happy to provide a brief initial consultation without charge. However, please understand that I do not represent you, and I will not have an attorney-client relationship with you, unless and until we enter into a written attorney-client agreement, signed by both of us.  I will keep in confidence the things that you share with me.  However, because I am not yet your attorney, our initial email and other communications might not be protected by attorney-client privilege.  This means that you and I could potentially be ordered by a court to disclose the content of our communications.  For this reason, please do not send sensitive or confidential information to me in email messages unless and until we enter into a written attorney-client agreement.   Also, please be aware that email is not a perfectly secure medium. There is a possibility that our email communications could be intercepted and read by third parties.   By using email to communicate with me you accept this risk.

Daniel A. Suchman, PLLC

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